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Rocketspark is a website builder that makes it fast and easy to create a website and edit content.
Stop paying a web developer for every content change on your website. Free yourself from the
hassle, cost and confusing software usually associated with getting and maintaining a website.

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Dante's Fine Foods - Online shop

beautifully simple webshop builder

Simple webshop builder for online shops and retail stores.  Manage products & stock in the cloud.
Integrate with Vend point of sale for seamless integration with your brick and mortar store’s stock.
Integrate with Xero for seamless flow of invoices from your shop to your accounting software.

Xero Vend Payment Express Paypal

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The new Rocketspark website builder is here

November 7, 2014
We’ve got some exciting news: we’ve just launched a brand-new version of our website builder and we think it’s pretty cool.
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Website builder update: 5 big ways we’ve improved it (in-depth)

November 6, 2014
We’ve launched a new update to our website builder and it’s huge! Get the complete story here.
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The importance of a logo for your business. Why do you need one?

November 5, 2014
For most businesses a logo is one of the first things they get sorted and it can be a bit daunting to know where to start. Here’s a quick start guide on logo design.
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Web video: why it matters, when it works and how to do it

November 4, 2014
Online videos do more than look good—they sell more too. Find out why your website needs video.
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Blogging for business: 8 principles for writing a blog that gets more web traffic

October 21, 2014
Think you can’t write a blog? Think again. We cover the basics of how to write a blog.
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Link Building for Dummies - Part 3: Create Your Own Backlinks

October 15, 2014
Q: How do you create your own backlinks? A: Get out there on the web. Like this...
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Link Building for Dummies - Part 2: Natural Link Building

October 14, 2014
If you want people to link to your site, you gotta make your site great. Here’s why.
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Link Building for Dummies - Part 1: What is it?

October 13, 2014
Link building...what?!? Learn how to boost your search rankings without the jargon.
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How do I get a .nz domain name? Can I get a .nz domain name?

October 2, 2014
A guide to finding out everything you need to know about the new .nz domain names.
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Mr Ralph - Online shop testimonial

August 26, 2014
I needed an affordable and intuitive website solution and I found the perfect partner in Rocketspark
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Rocketspark is 5 years old

August 15, 2014
Check out this little video compilation which tells a little of our story with cats and pirates on skype calls.
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Going to the Spring Gift Fair (we’re fairly excited)

August 11, 2014
Going to the Spring Gift Fair? So are we! Check out our special offer just for fair attendees.
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